It started just as a random thought. I love strawberries so much that I wanted to convey to people that this red wonder fruit is not just about looks. Of course, they are glorious in appearance and taste. But think about it. They are a lot more than that. Hence, I started this site entirely dedicated to strawberries, and not just in my town of Owego.

You can eat them raw, add them to a salad or fruit compote, top a cake or make a puree for ice cream. You can freeze them for another day and enjoy their savor. They are sold most everywhere there is a demand, even if they come from afar. They must be ripe, of course, and not yellow around the top below the stem. Sometimes they are imported early, so if you can get locally-grown strawberries, rejoice in your luck.

Strawberries tell a tale. In literature, they have a symbolic or spiritual meaning. In fact, to indicate perfection and righteousness, medieval stone masons carved them into their altar and pillar designs for churches and cathedrals. They have a long history to be sure. Of interest, they are distributed widely due to seeds sown by local and migrating birds.

If strawberries appear in dreams, it is said that this represents sexual attraction and new love, with ramifications such as passion and jealousy. You want them in your waking life! If you dream of eating them, it means you want someone new to appear. Tasteless or old strawberries likewise denote a loss of love or illness. If you dream of a person eating a piece of this fruit, it could be a sign of enticement from the opposite sex. Have you just met someone?

Maybe this is too much for the simple eater of a sweet piece of fruit. To keep them fresh and juicy, a tip is washing berries in a hot water bath can limit mold growth.  You can add to their lifespan with a little effort. Since strawberries are loved by everyone universally, growers know how to preserve them until they reach the marketplace. They use hot water heaters with specific specifications in terms of gallons per minute to provide for a large crop.

If you are not a farmer, never mind. Just appreciate all the effort that goes into strawberry production to satisfy your culinary and dietary needs. One little fruit has so much potential to provide happiness for the young and the old. I keep a washed batch in the fridge all the time for a healthy snack. In any form, they area prized possession, always on my shopping list!